Vocabulary and Questions EU III

Unit 1

Media around the world


High-quality news, nature/sports/cookery programmes, popular/reality shows, dramas, cartoons, series, detectives, thrillers, comedies, horrors, music channels

adverts (ads)-advertisements, the Internet, magazines, reference books, encyclopedias

reliable facts, accurate(inaccurate) information, a dangerous website, up-to-date, free, trust

scandals, fake, made up

Habits and preferences

I’m a big fan of…, I’m really into…, I prefer…to…, I’d rather…

I’m not a big fan of…, I can’t stand…, I’m not keen on…, I find… really irritating

I hardly ever…, I tend to…, I’ll…, I used to…


It’s a good/bad/popular/great/terrible/different place/time/way/idea TO DO smth….

a really good idea – quite a good idea

Describing books and TV shows

It’s by someone called…, It’s quite a well-known…, It’s about this… who…, People say it’s…, I found it…, It’s based on…, It has… in it, It looks at…, It’s a really…, Basically, it shows you…


What types of media are popular where you live?

What media do we get news from?

What mass medium is the most efficient (the fastest and the most reliable)?

How do you prefer to get the news? Why?

What kind of TV or radio programmes do you enjoy?

Are there any international channels or programmes that you watch?

Have your habits changed in the last 5 years?

Why is advertising so annoying? Can media do without them? What is their positive side?

Which of these do you use if you need to get information or write a report: the Internet, reference books, encyclopedias? Why?

Can we believe what we read on the Internet?

Have you seen any good films recently? Or Have you read any good books recently?

Unit 2

Good communication


Totally addicted, make friends, be/be back/keep in touch/in contact with, check profiles, keep up with, mess around with, check emails, to ping, to ban, stuff, a huge waste of time

Chat to, surf the Internet, post a comment, have a blog or web page, socialise online

Social networking site, search engine

At the click of a mouse, internet generation, everyone is equal, lasting relationships, an unrealistic view of the world, an efficient way of communicating, Intranet

Expressing opinions

I’d say, I reckon, They say, Some people say, There’s no point in, There’s no harm in


1. How do you keep in touch with your family and friends?

2. How often do you use mobile?

3. What are the advantages of using a mobile?

4. Do you agree that texting is making our spelling worse?

5. How much time do you spend online? Which sites do you use most?

6. Do you have a blog or a web page? Do you ever read other people’s pages?

7. Do you ever post a comment after you’ve watched a video or read a blog online?

8. What search engine do you use to look for information and why?

9. Do you enjoy socialising online?

10. What are the disadvantages and benefits of using the Internet to socialise?

11. How did you meet your closest friends?

12. How important are online relationships?

13. Do you think we should ban the Internet at work or university?

14. Is it a good idea for children to use the Internet for homework?

15. How, do you think, people will communicate in the future?

Unit 3



To invent, to come up with the idea, to patent (patent office), opportunity, to give a performance, inspired by, success/successful, influential people, to change completely, to make a living doing smth, to be excited about, to be worried about, a venture, to bring ideas to life

Personal skills

Intelligence, intelligent to do smth physically, to act/perform to co-operate, to work as a part of the group. to communicate effectively typical introvert/extravert, goal, ambition, motivation, to concentrate on a subject, to memorise, a high level of, to compose music

to be good at, to able to, to be capable of, to have a facility with, to excel at, to have the ability to, to have a good visual memory/sense of direction/hand-eye coordination


What great inventors do you know?

What does an invention need to become successful?

Do you have any dreams or ambitions?

How can you become successful?

What intelligences do you think you have?

Would you say you are a competitive person?

Do you think it’s ok to bend the rules to win something?

Are comfortable talking about your achievements?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What experience do you have of dealing with people?

What qualifications or skills do you need for your future job?

Is it possible to become an entrepreneur in Russia?

What do you need to start you own business?

What spheres are popular for small business in Russia?

Do you have any selling ideas?

Unit 4

What happened?


to take risks, an accident, accident-prone, cautious,to knock things over, to trip over, to drop, to cut yourself, to slip, to fall (over), to break a wrist, an arm or a leg, to bang your head (on smth)

a flood, a hurricane, an eclipse, a tsunami, the northern lights, an earthquake, a forest fire, a volcanic eruption

Telling a story

Immediately, suddenly, slowly, quickly

Obviously, unfortunately, amazingly, luckily

to find out, to realize, to remember, to know


Do you take a lot of risks?

Do risky people tend to have more accidents?

Why are some people accident-prone?

In what situations are you extremely cautious?

When was the last time you had an accident? What happened?

Have any of the natural disasters taken place in your country recently?

Does your country often experience forest fires? How do people cope with that?

Where can you watch the northern lights?

Have you ever seen an eclipse?

Describe an experience: either an accident or a natural event you have experienced. Think about how to:

explain the background to the story I was living in…

explain what you were doing I was on the way to…

describe the events I went to… I saw…

say how you felt about the experience amazingly… luckily…

explain your understanding of the events Later, I realized… I didn’t know…

Unit 5

A change of plan


lock yourself out, lose your car/flat keys, get on a wrong bus or train, the battery is running out, the car won’t start, have an emergency at work

pick up someone/take someone to

there’s/was no chance, there’s/was no way, it’s no coincidence, it’s no surprise, it’s/was no use

I am/was supposed to do/be doing smth, I am/was meant to do/be doing smth


How often do you help people?

What things do you usually help people with?

Is it ok to help people with money?

If you don’t like someone, do you help them?

Is it hard for you to say ‘no’?

Have you ever had a situation when you needed help? What was it like?

Do you believe in fate?

Do you think good luck is important when doing something?

Do you try to control your life?

What things do you leave to chance?

Can you give an example of surprising coincidence?

Have you been to a reunion party? What was it like?

Do you often see your ex-classmates?

What do you usually talk about when you meet up with people you haven’t seen for long?

Unit 6



survive on, look out for bargains, give up mobile/Internet, save up (for smth) keep to one’s budget, to go over your budget

Linking words

because, since.. (так как) as, because of, due to, so (следовательно, поэтому), so that (так чтобы),

it’s important to, it’s difficult to, it’s a bad idea to, it’s easy to

Giving advice

try and avoid, have you tried?, you should think about, have you considered?


Do you earn money?

What do you usually spend money on?

Are you good with money?

Is it easy for you to save money?

Do you ever waste money?

Have you ever saved money to buy a gift for someone special?

Do you find it difficult to keep to a budget?

Do you ever look out for bargains? Where?

Have you ever given up something you enjoyed in order to save money?

What tips/advice can you give to save money?

Why is it important to have your own money (e.g. in a family)?

Why is it important to manage money in the right way?

Do you apporove of gambling?

Why do they say, money is not everything?

Unit 7

Personal qualities


Personal qualities/personality

to have faith in, to have discipline, to have some talent, to have initiative, to have an open mind, to have confidence, competition, motivation, to be pushed by somebody, to be able to take rejection, to have some luck, never give up, keep going

a difficult/great/miserable character, a/an strange/interesting/calm person, a bright/nice/charming guy/woman

Dealing with someone’s influence

Made a huge impression on me, got me interested, helped me to be, made me more much more confident, encouraged me to, had faith in me, inspired me to


What are your good and bad qualities?

What are you generally good/bad at?

What is your lifestyle? What is an ideal night out for you?

What is the most surprising thing ever happened to you?

What is the best age to be and why?

What do you do in weak moments?

What is important when you fail at something?

What would you have been in another life?

What is your philosophy?

What qualities do you need for your future profession?

Do you agree that parents should push their children to be successful?

What are the key things for success?

Choose a friend or a family member. In what ways are you similar and different? How have you both changed over the years?

Talk about a person/people who have influenced your life. Think about their personality and how they have changed you.

Unit 8

Lost and found


clutter, rubbish, stuff, possessions

drown in, clear out, tidy up, put things away, clean up, throw away, give away,

get rid of, take over, gradually, a huge source of stress

they may have a point, the idea of… is ridiculous

a sort of, a kind of, looks like, sort of like, smallish, brownish, reddish


Do you find it easy to throw things away?

Do you always tidy up before visitors come round?

How often do you get rid of old stuff and replace it? Do you usually sell it, give it away or throw it away?

Do you think ‘Freecycle’ is a good idea? Is there anything like this where you live?

Are there any things/offers you’d be interested in?

What are the most important things around you? Why can’t you do without them?

How do modern machines influence your life?

What things do you usually take with you when you go travelling? Why?

What is the most precious thing of yours? What or who does it remind you of?

Why is it so important for you? How long have you had it? How did you get it? Is it valuable? How does it work? Why is it good for you personally?